Articles, blogs and stories

I write evidence-based conservation and science stories to attract new supporters or customers and strengthen your organisation’s relationships with existing ones.

Print publications

I create print publications that move readers to donate, volunteer or act. I transform complex, scientific information into compelling, relatable stories of change and I provide clear evidence of how your strategy is delivering that change. Types of publications include cases for support and campaign/project outlines (for major donors), newsletters and welcome brochures.

I manage the entire production of publications including

  • drafting the brief
  • concept layout and format
  • interviewing stakeholders, scientists, donors, volunteers and land managers
  • writing
  • sourcing images
  • managing the design (with a designer) and feedback process
  • print (with a designer)

Not-for-profit newsletters and enewsletters

I write stories to thank your supporters and stakeholders and show them the difference their support has made possible to our landscapes and the creatures that call them home. Newsletters play a key role in retention of all kinds of supporters: cash donors, regular givers, bequestors and even major donors. My services include:

  • interviewing staff and stakeholders
  • delivering polished copy to deadline
  • taking on your feedback and making changes if needed

Website copy

I write copy such as landing pages for brands and not-for-profits that reaches new audiences, generating leads and channelling them to become ongoing supporters.

Email campaigns

I write emails that sell tickets, generate donations, thank supporters or urge action, telling stories that engage your customers and supporters with the power of their involvement.

Case studies

I write case studies that demonstrate the outcomes of your organisation or company’s strategy. Case studies are a powerful way to show prospective customers, donors or funding bodies how supporting your work will achieve change. This work involves

  • researching your organisation’s strategic approach
  • interviewing the “boots on the ground” – people delivering the work
  • articulating how the work has helped to achieve your desired outcomes

Communications strategy

An event, a social media campaign or a print publication: which is the best way to engage the audiences you’re trying to reach? I bring fifteen years of communications experience and can work with you to answer this question.